Turkey Wing Brooms

Turkey wing brooms are a traditional style of whisk broom modeled after the actual wing of a turkey.  They are fun to make, use, and display!  We make our turkey wings in two sizes, a large turkey wing and a mini turkey wing.

The large turkey wing is about 16 inches long and 9 inches wide.  It sells for $22.00.

The mini turkey wing is about 12 inches long and 7 inches wide.  It is lighter weight than the large turkey wing and is great for those small jobs and tight places.  It sells for $14.00

Large turkeywing and mini turkeywing

Hawk tail brooms

We make two sizes of Hawk tail brooms, a large hawk tail and a mini hawk tail.   The hawk tail is another variety of whisk broom.

The large hawk tail is approximately 13 inches long and 9 inches wide.  The price is $22.00.

The mini hawk tail is approximately 10 inches long and 7 inches wide.  The price is $14.00.

Large hawk tail and mini hawk tail


Potscrubbers are a great little item for cleaning those cast iron pans, and they are safe on your non-stick pans, too.  These are great for re-enactors!  The price for the potscrubbers is $6.00.


Cake testers

Here is a great old-fashioned item for your kitchen.  Hang the cake tester by your oven, and when you need to test the doneness of your cake or brownies, you break off one of the pieces of broom corn and insert it in your cake like you would a toothpick.  It is handy and convenient all the time, no more searching for those toothpicks!  The price of the cake testers is $6.00.

Cake tester

Corn silkers

Corn silkers are a terrific little broom for cleaning those nasty silks off your sweet corn!  The top end can also be a vegetable scrubber.   This sweet little broom has many other applications also – anywhere you need a little whisk for small clean-up jobs.  The price on the corn silkers is $10.00.


Whisk brooms

We stitch our whisk brooms in two different styles,  round or flat.  The brooms are made exactly the same until the final step – the stitching.  At this point they can be stitched to stay round, or put in a broom press and stitched flat.  The price of both styles of whisks is the same – $14.00.

Round whisk and flat whisk

Wood handled hearth broom

We make hearth brooms with two different kinds of handles – either wood or forged by our blacksmith.  Hearth brooms also come with two plaiting variations, either plain or twisted.  Plain plaiting is the same as on our other broom pictures above.  There is a close-up of twisted plaiting below.

Wood handled hearth broom with plain plaiting is $30.00.

Wood handled hearth broom with twisted plaiting is $35.00.

Hearth broom with wood handle

Hearth brooms with forged handles

We also make hearth brooms on iron handles forged by our blacksmith.

Forged handle hearth broom, plain plaiting is $40.00.

Forged handle hearth broom, twisted plaiting is $45.00.

Hearth broom with forged handle

Close-up of twisted plaiting

Kitchen brooms

Kitchen brooms will be coming after we get a broom press.